Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brunch-Lime brunch that is

Ok, this place might look kinda sweet on the outside, but on the inside it's crazy. A club scene in the middle of the day. Lime, is the name of the restaurant located on upper Market st. near the Castro, and they serve endless mimosas on the weekends. I repeat, endless mimosas for $9 dollars. A woman greets us in tight black leather pants with slits up the legs, 6 inch platforms and bunny ears and puts us on the wait list. People were dancing to the remix of Britney Spears "Toxic"and toasting glasses and grinding asses. classic
My friend Vince after and I had 13 glasses of champagne. la la la ......la .....la
They had a d.j. spining some techno hits, and pretty decent food. By the way, you have to order the brunch ( food) in order to get the $9 endless mimosas. But you'll be happy you did- I didn't see anyone passed out. awesome!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I like your Swatch

Remember how much fun Swatch watches were- the dream of owning multiple Swatches, but knowing there was no way in hell your parents would but you more than one watch-haha. Have fun with watches before they are extinct...... kind of like pay phones

'Pop' Swatch~

'Pop ' phone

Swiss Made

So, in the midst of seeking some of the cooler looking Swatch watches that I knew so well as a girl, I came across these ads. They represent an era in which digital technology was knocking everybody out the box.. As Casio introduced the calculator watch, Swiss watchmakers known for their expensive, luxurious watches knew they were in trouble. So- they decided to jump on the pop culture bandwagon and make affordable Swiss watches. Here are some of the first advertisements for Swatch watches.
Great marketing for 1983 - Tweak the peek of core family values.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Next time ask your barber for a 'hi fade'

I would be so jazzed to see more hi fades in action again

San Francisco, a la Bart ...... Angela, a la hi -fade

Monday, December 1, 2008

Glasses make the Nerd

Soo geeked out we are

truth be told, I don't really need glasses.......

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hammer Time!

Once upon a time, M.C. Hammer was a style icon..........

Officially called harem pants- I love these pants. It might be my lifetime crush on Denise Huxtable -my friends have ridiculed the thought of ladies rocking these pants, but they aren't ready. Are you?

Walking through Tribecca in N.Y. I discovered Mischa loves harem pants too!

Charm School Design

okay, it's obvious that I can't get enough ~! Thanks to my homey Camille, she gave me the heads up---> Her friend Alita started making feather headbands quite some time ago. Find them in N.Y or visit charmschooldesign.etsy.com to rock these cause' they're hot.... you go girl!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The du-rag syndrome

hey ya'll, do you think we can phase du-rags out?? i understand that they have a great purpose to use on your hair before you go to sleep- but all day, every day?

instead, i'm proposing the turban. Now, I know the ladies have been trying to bring it back for the last year but it never really caught on. i think it's fly- I was really feeling Andre 3000's way of rockin it

and even Snoop had to let it go............

Goodbye Brownie's Vintage

My friend Vince and I came across this cute little clothing store on it's last week of business. Why?! what a perfect store for the local Berkeley thrift fairies. They sell vintage & deadstock vintage (ooh), fantastic shoes, hats, wallets, accessories & stationary made by local fashion designers and artists. Kendra and her boyfriend( sorry boyfriend, i didn't catch your name) opened the store 3 years ago. but it ain't over yet. support Brownie's Vintage thrift seekers brownies-vintage.com

hoo......hoo.....hoo......do you see what i see. Kendra + I both love owls....... hoo

i honestly feel the rat is becoming an urban mascot- gross to some, absolutely.. but to see them in a different context sort of thrills me

Return of the Feather part II

I made these feather pieces below.
Visit my clothing website----> itsuhu.com

Saturday, November 22, 2008

food trucks are so fun!

there can be something special about getting food out of a food truck- a straightforward, no- nonsense breakfast,lunch, dinner & most of the time it's hot dogs & sausages, gyro's ,schwarma's ......... now how's about........... waffles. mmmm waffles
or better known in New York as 'wafels & dinges'. dinges are toppings by the way. i'd heard of this really cool food truck that sold waffles and made it my mission to experience this. ( so far nothing of the sort in the Bay area) best part, aside from it not being a hot dog or gyro's truck, is that 'wafels & dinges' has a hotline. yes. you call to find out where the location is for the day & a password is given. say the password when you get to the truck and you get free dinges! ( or maybe just one i believe) as you can see, i'm enjoying the warmth of free syrup on my wafel~holla!

The Mud Truck, parked in Greenwich Village- They sell really good coffee, chai, + play James Brown, Miles Davis, Animal Collective. i'm sold Likable + makes a nice chai= Max

Zachary's Smile + return of the feather

so i found this vintage store with a 1978 twist. it's called 'Zachary's Smile' located in Greenwich village, N.Y. ~they have really amazing vintage clothing, a bit $$$, but! they know what's up. check the hats, lots of people were rockin the ski hats and knits berets on the streets lookin pretty fly. and also, 'Zachary's' is up with the resurgence of feather hair pieces. yo, the feather is back if you haven't already noticed. so work that feather into your wardrobe and jazz it up- don't worry about whether it will match, it's an accessory. put them on your hat, jacket, headbands- it's time for this